Nanotechnology of the mattress fabrics

Nanotechnology of the mattress fabrics

Deslee Clama Belgium, the world’s largest textile manufacturer. Provides the Swiss System Group the newest and most advanced fabrics, which we use to improve your sleeping experience.


The electrostatic fiber in the Intense fabric contains a tri-lobal core wrapped in a thin plastic shell, captures electrons and releases such at low voltage (4,000 volts) causing the stress of the human body a drastic decrease within approximately 15 minutes only, something that occurs in any other fabric after 90 minutes. The electro-magnetic fiber in the Intense fabric charges the body with energy, allowing the transition into a sleep mode within only 60 minutes (up to 3 times lower than any other fabric).


The MaxiCool fabric is manufactured with the Dri-fit technology, which integrates into the fabric’s fiber special capsules that absorb body fluids and recycle them into a cool and dry effect. The fabric had been developed by the Boytex conglomerate especially for Swiss System in warm countries, integrating this fabric into cast mattresses such as visco and allowing maximal utilization of the mattress’s features as well as maintaining a cool and dry feeling.


The cashmere fabrics made of natural goat wool from cashmere goats growing in the Cashmere province in northern India. The fabric is known for its high quality due to having a soft and pleasant texture, as opposed to ordinary sheep wool. The cashmere fiber is known as airy, preventing sweat. The cashmere fabric is used for extremely luxurious suits and glamorous decorations at royal palaces.

Advanced massage and awakening systems

Vibradorm Germany, the world’s leading research labs, introduce for the first time an advanced technological development that enables operation of inter-layer massage and heating systems by remote control.

The system includes

* 6 built-in templates for various massage types.

* 2 pulse massage programs.

* 5 wave programs.

* Automatic shutdown timer.

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