In addition to adjustable beds we offer our customers a wide variety of quality mattresses, latex mattresses, visco mattresses and soybean mattresses. Meeting all of the accepted European standards within the market.

Our unique latex mattresses are manufactured by Sapsan France, licensed by Pirelli Italy, Europe’s largest latex manufacturer. Our latex is a natural substance derived from rubber tree emulsion (Cacho) with particularly high resilience. Our latex mattresses provide maximum comfort and a perfect fit to the anatomical structure of the human body. The ventilation and density level are perfectly adapted to the flow of fluids in the body.

Our latex mattresses are durable and long-lasting, with ultra-low-wear. The latex mattresses contain a great amount of tiny air cells that receive air circulation with every movement upon them, an action that leaves the mattress clean and sterile for many years.

Injected visco mattresses are the only mattresses manufactured without the use of glues (patented), the only mattress with a peripheral mold. The sole technique that allows injection on an ergonomic surface. Durable over a period of up to twice that of other visco (factual tested), having quick recovery capacity (relative to other visco).

Visco is a temperature sensitive substance, changing its state of matter depending on body heat. This feature accurately adjusts the mattress to the user’s body texture, while increasing the sleeping surface. Our visco has an 80% absorption capability, thanks to which it distributes the body load, helps the blood circulation and prevents the tingling phenomenon. Our visco significantly reduces motion throughout the night.

Our visco mattresses meet all of the standards and quality requirements of the European Union EES market.

· The Oeko Tex 100 grade IV Standard confirming that the mattress does not contain DBT and TBT.

· The EN 1957/00 Standard ensuring that the mattress height is maintained over the warranty period.

· The Bs 5852 1982 Part 2 Standard confirms the material’s fire resistance.

· The Mb 1412 Standard confirming that the material contains an active antibacterial mineral preventing the emergence of bacteria and does not contain CFC (coliforms that are harmful to the environment and ozone layer).

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